Jus in bello

Suppose the section from Declaration (IV,3) of the 1899 Hague Convention:

The Contracting Parties agree to abstain from the use of bullets which expand or flatten easily in the human body, such as bullets with a hard envelope which does not entirely cover the core or is pierced with incisions.

…were rewritten as:

The Contracting Parties agree to abstain from the use of ammunition which can pierce and/or do significant damage to the human body, such as traditional cartridges containing metal bullets and gunpowder, and all manner of missiles, bombs, or landmines which target individuals. Combat will instead be carried out using surrogates, which may undertake the form of traditional weaponry. The offender signals the initiation of combat by simulating the sound and recoil of a real weapon. The defender must react to the onslaught as if besieged by a real firearm.

Would the world not be a better, funnier, more peaceful place? Imaging this glock pointed at you, pew, pew

2014-02-22 17.55.13

Would not fear still be instilled in your heart as you recoil, fall to the ground, and writhe in conjured pain as you cry out for your loved ones? The difference is, at the end of the day, you can still stand up, walk home, and be a real human, one that is alive and fluttering with life.

If the Osakans can do it, why can’t the rest of the world??