Something about lanterns and love

Once in a while, it’s nice to be in a crowd of people, and drown out the difficulties of day-to-day life amongst the noises of friendship. I don’t usually do so well in big crowds, but this day wound up being pretty fun, or pretty full. After a rather steamy and fairly delicious hotpot dinner, we went to Gui Jie (簋街) near Dongzhimen (东直门), a cute little street filled with restaurants, shops, and street food. The organization of this evening was a bit weird, the whole not-eating-at-Gui-Jie even though it’s essentially a food street and that’s the only thing to do there. I suppose the lanterns were pretty though, and offered up not only something to look at, but a nice backdrop for the atmosphere that was developing.

I would have to name this as the start of the weirdness that has been pervading my life for the past few days. I’ve been having equal parts epiphany, equal parts existential crises, and somewhere in there, an overwhelming sense that I’m not in control of my own life. Not to say that the night wasn’t fun, but I’m starting to doubt whether fun really equates to happiness for me.

We wound up at Sanlitun again, since it was so close, Smuggler’s, my usual hangout, one of the divy-est bars in Beijing. A few beers and a few laughs brought about the end of my week. On my way to Michael’s afterwards, I wound up in a covered bike, one of those little three-wheel deals they have for weaving through traffic. No cabbie was in the mood to pick me up and I figured I could do with some air on the one and a half block long journey. The wind was rough though, awakening, and refreshing, not what I wanted, but perhaps what I needed.


Location: Beijing, China

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