A quiet evening filled with dentists

It was ice, not rain, making a slimy, slippery mess on the roof of the car, on the sidewalks, on the treacherous passes between inside and the protective shelter of Robin’s car. Ice is a wicked stepchild. It is agitating, both in its ominous premonitions of impossible morning traffic, and in the quantity of noise it produces. It’s tacky, sitting behind the dash, hearing the otherwise peaceful suburban silence punctuated over and over by the smash of tiny pellets on glass. It doesn’t offer the quiet calm of snow, or the overwhelming power of wind, or even the exhilaration of a summer storm, complete with thunder and lightning and all that brouhaha. No, all you can do in the middle of the night during an ice storm is creep slowly along the right lane, hoping that your brakes hold out and silently birating yourself for picking this day of all days to clock in five miles at the gym.

It seems silly, but not regrettable, in retrospect. It was already way late, on a work night no less, and we had already completed a semi-vigorous, standard cardio workout session at a new discovery, Xpose Fitness. Robin wanted to put in a few more miles on the tread, and I figured I could pull some ergs (sp?) while we were at it. Minimal casualties on our end: sore crotches, small blisters bubbling beneath fingers and toes, one fragrant pink lady apple. But I certainly felt bad for Robin’s car, and Robin, I suppose, for having to trek through miles to send me home in the middle of that storm (Aren’t you glad you missed that fiasco, Soo? ^^).

Location: Ellicott City, Maryland

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